Tacos served with ríce and beans

Tacos de Carne Asada
Three corn tortillas stuffed with strips of steak, pico de gallo and hot sauce

Grilled Chicken Tacos
Three corn tortillas stuffed with grilled chicken, pico de gallo and  hot sauce

Shrimp Tacos or Tilapia Tacos
Three grilled shrimp tacos or soft tilapia tacos with lettuce,  tomatoes and cheese. Served with chipotle sauce

Potrillo Tacos
Three soft flour tortillas. Choose one: Grilled chicken, steak, pork
chorizo or shrimp, with cilantro, fresh red onions, cheese, and
tomatillo sauce

Tacos al Carbón
Marinated grilled steak or chicken charbroiled to perfection and folded
into three flour tortillas for easy handling. Garnished with sour cream,
pico de gallo, and salsa picosa

Pollo Ranchero
Grilled chicken served with rice and beans. Steamed vegetables 
topped with white cheese   17.99

Grilled chicken breast, topped with chorizo (Mexican sausage)
and covered with cheese. Served with rice and beans   17.99

Pollo Rio Grande
Grilled chicken breast, grilled shrimp cooked with bell peppers 
and onions, covered with cheese sauce. Served with rice    17.99

Pollo Rumba
Grilled chicken breast with grilled shrimp, mushrooms, covered
with cheese sauce. Served with rice, and avocado salad   17.99

Grilled Chicken and Eggs
Grilled chicken breast and two eggs served with rice,
beans and
tree tortillas  17.99


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